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What to Do When Your Kidneys Shut Down

2014-06-02 03:01

What to Do When Your Kidneys Shut DownOur kidneys are very important for us as it is the cleaner of our body. When the metabolism produces some wastes, the healthy kidney will excrete those useless or harmful substances. However, if your kidneys shut down, you may be bothered by many problems. What to do when your kidneys shut down? Well, the management should be based on the symptoms that occur since I don’t know how well your kidney is working. Here I list several common symptoms and corresponding treatments.

What are the common symptoms when your kidneys shut down?

1. Edema and hypertension

One of the kidney function is to keep water balance by urine. As your kidneys shut down, excessive fluids will be retained, and thus cannot flush from the body normally. The fluid may contain wastes and electrolytes. As a result, the water and electrolyte balance will be disturbed and cause sodium-water retention. At this time, edema and hypertension are present.

2. Fatigue: Another common symptom that may occur when your kidneys shut down is fatigue, which is due to anemia. Kidney is also responsible for the secretion of erythropoietin (EPO), a hormone that helps the body manufacture red blood cells. Red blood cells carry oxygen throughout the body. Without enough oxygen, the body does not effectively draw energy from the food it processes. This results in fatigue, drowsiness, confusion, or dizziness.

3. Urinary changes: You possibly experience increased volume and frequency of urination. Both conditions are caused by the process of the kidneys shutting down. There may also be blood in the urine

What to do when your kidneys shut down?

Generally speaking, there are two steps to manage those symptoms.

First of all, keep a healthy diet, which should be carefully made according to your illness condition. Low salt and low protein are the basic dietary principles. As for potassium and phosphorus intake, the amount varies from different conditions, and is generally low. In addition, moderate water and calory intake should be involved.

Secondly, if your kidneys shut down, it means that your kidney function is moderately or severely damaged. Then, many disorders of your body come up. Thereby, improving the kidney function is the solution of those symptoms. Some of you may think of mediation firstly, but you should know that medicines often have some side-effects and cannot treat kidney problems from the root. You can consult us for some natural methods.

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