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Will Leg Pain Occur in Kidney Failure

2014-06-01 03:32

Will Leg Pain Occur in Kidney FailureIt seems that leg pain and kidney failure are two independent concepts. However, some renal failure patients indeed suffer from that annoying feeling. When leg pain occurs in kidney failure, you may be curious about the reasons and treatments. Before you read this article, you should know that many factors may cause leg pain, and I only analyze the causes and treatments of leg pain due to kidney failure.

Why does kidney failure cause leg pain?

Firstly, leg pain may be caused by arthritis. For kidney failure patients, most of the kidney function has lost, failing to excrete excessive wastes and toxins, which are not only harmful for kidneys but also other organs or tissues. If those toxic substances accumulate in the joints cause inflammation, you will feel pain in the legs.

Secondly, leg pain occurs because the nerve system has been affected. The accumulation of toxins, electrolyte and acid-base imbalance, or hypertension in kidney failure, are all dangerous factors. It was also because of those factors, swelling in legs always accompanies leg pain.

How to relieve leg pain in kidney failure?

In the beginning period of leg pain, some physical therapies can be taken for kidney failure patients, especially for those who cannot bear medication therapy. At this time, the main target is to reduce swelling and relieve the pain. Patients should avoid strong activities and assure enough rest, while some gentle physical therapies, such as massage and Acupuncture are available.

For those who have suffered from leg pain for a long term, they can take Hot Compress therapy, Medicated Bath or Foot Bath, according to their individual condition. If the leg pain is severe, massage is no longer suitable for kidney failure patients.

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