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Can Kidney Failure Cause Patients To Have Itching

2014-04-19 02:38

Can Kidney Failure Cause Patients To Have ItchingKidney has the function of regulating our internal balance, so kidney disease can cause patients to have many metabolic disorders in their body.

Kidney failure is a state that patient’s kidney function fails to filter out the metabolic wastes from patient’s body adequately, and patients will have many health problems at this point. In fact, many patients with kidney failure have itching skin, and patients may have this curiosity: can kidney failure cause itching?

Can kidney failure cause patients to have itching?

As a matter of fact, many kidney diseases can cause itching and rash directly, like lupus nephritis, purpura, etc. If patients’ kidney failure is due to these diseases, it is normal for patients to have itching in their skin.

However, many patients’ kidney failure may not be caused by these factors, but they can also have itching skin. As a matter of fact, patients’itching skin is due to their kidney failure at this point.

Why patients with kidney failure have itching skin?

As we have said, kidney is in charge of our internal balance, so when patients have kidney failure, many internal balance will be broken. In fact, itching skin can be caused by many reasons.

A major cause of itching skin is high urea nitrogen level in patient’s blood. High urea nitrogen can stimulate patient’s sebaceous gland and sweat gland and cause atrophy, which can cause patients to have dry skin and desquamation, and that will lead to itching.

Besides, patients with kidney failure also often have high phosphorus, which can cause the hyperfunction of parathyroid gland, and that is also a major cause of itching skin. The accumulation of metabolic wastes in patients’ blood often cause patients to have nerve problems, and itching skin can also be caused by nerve problem. In addition, if patients are allergic to some medicines, that can also cause itching skin.

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