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Do Failed Kidneys Produce Urochrome

2014-05-24 09:59

Do Failed Kidneys Produce UrochromeKidneys are remarkable organs that are responsible for eliminating various waste products and toxins. However, when kidneys fail to work, they may be unable to filter out these wastes completely. Well then, do failed kidneys produce urochrome?

What is urochrome?

Urochrome, also known as urobilin, is the end product of hemoglobin breakdown by the liver and eventually excreted by kidneys. This compound gives urine its yellow color, and its amount presents in many urine teats, because it indicates the level of urinary tract function.

Urochrome and kidney function

From the above content, we have known kidneys are the excretory organs of urochrome. Normally, the amount of urochrome excretion is 75mg/day. However, when kidneys fail to work, they are unable to excrete like healthy kidneys. Then, a variety of wastes and poisonous substances will deposit in the body including urochrome. Here, we can know failed kidneys can still produce urochrome but must be less than normal kidneys.

How to increase the urochrome excretion amount?

This means increasing patients’ kidney function. Here, we would like to introduce Hot Compress Therapy. It is one treatment that nourishes kidneys and increases the self-curative ability of damaged kidney cells. Firstly, doctors prescribe correct medicines according to patients’ illness condition. Secondly, these medicines are shattered fully and put into two osmotic devices. Thirdly, the osmotic devices are places in patients’ Shenshu acupoint which is corresponding to kidneys. With this device’s help, the effective ingredients of these medicines can reach kidneys directly through skin. Generally, after about one or two months, patients’ kidney function can be improved obviously. Finally, urochrome excretion amount can increase.

Besides, many other methods are also needed to strengthen the therapeutic effects of the whole treatment plan. Acupuncture, Medicated Bath, Circle Therapy, etc, are used commonly. Consult the doctor online to see which one is suitable for you.

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