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Why Does Kidney Failure Patient Stop Urinating

2015-06-03 08:54

Why Does Kidney Failure Patient Stop UrinatingKidney Failure is characterized by Glomerular Filtration Rate (GFR) below 15 ml/min. It means that large amount of wastes and toxins builds up inside the body. Urinary changes is the most obvious signs of kidney damage. Why does Kidney Failure patient stop urinating?

Why Kidney Failure stop producing urine?

The original urine is forms in the glomeruli, and they are reabsorbed renal tubules. Then, the fluid discharged is final urine. Since glomeruli are extremely severely damaged, excess fluid cannot be filtered by glomeruli, resulting in reduction of urine output. When kidneys totally lose their function to remove excess fluid, they stop producing urine.

How to increase urine output in Kidney Failure?

-Kidney Transplant. This method is suggested when dialysis doesn’t work any longer. The new organ can work again to produce urine as normal. However, kidney transplant has some risks, and may cause some severe complications. If the new organ fails, which is not uncommon in Kidney Failure patients, people have no choice but have to take dialysis again and wait for a second kidney transplant.

In addition, this waiting is always long and adds great pressure on the family.

-Improve kidney function. As long as the kidneys still have some remaining function, we have methods to help Kidney Failure patients to protect and enhance the remaining renal function.

In our hospital, we mainly use traditional Chinese medicines. The main function of these herbal medicines is to improve blood circulation to eliminate wastes and toxins. Then, kidneys can get clear blood volume and oxygen to repair the damaged renal tissues. Therefore, kidney function increases and kidneys can excrete fluid effectively.

Commonly therapies are Maikang composition, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Medicated Bath and Steam Therapy, etc.

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