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Bubbly Urine For Kidney Failure

2014-04-15 03:22

Bubbly Urine For Kidney FailureBubbly urine or foamy urine is one common symptom of Kidney Failure. However, as a healthy person, he or she may also have bubbly urine. In the following form, I make a comparison about the differences between healthy person and kidney failure patient , both of whom have bubbly urine.

Firstly, I want to warn you that if you have kidney failure and bubbly urine, it may be a sign of serious kidney damage. Therefore, you should determine what causes your bubbly urine and how to treat it.

Two types of bubbly urine

Healthy Person Kidney Failure Patient
  a little bubbles lots of bubbles
  a little large or different sizes tiny size
State lasting for a short time remaining for a long time
  diabetes When people get kidney failure, the kidney functions decline, which means that the ability of glomerular filtration as well as renal tubular resorption decline. In that way, abnormal numbers of protein will be filtered with urine by kidneys. The protein preserved in urine increases the surface tension of urine, thus making it bubbly or foamy. That condition is medically named “ proteinuria”.
  urgent urination
  acrogenic bacterium in urinary tract
Cause bladder disease or urinary infections
  having no sex for a long time;
  frequent sexual excitement
      Application of hormone or immunosuppressants: prednisone and cyclophosphamide (temporary relief with side effects)
  1. Do not worry about that; Western medicines
  2. Taking a urinary routine examinations to make sure it is not related with kidney diseases;  
  3. Apply medicines according to different conditions;  
  4. Keeping a good living habit and healthy diet.  
Treatment   Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy The micronized Chinese medicine has more active ingredients, which can eliminate the deposition of immune complex and toxins. If so, the damaged glomerular basement membrane will be impaired, thus kidney functions are back to normal. Extra protein can be filtered or reabsorbed. In that way, bubbly urine will disappear. (more safe, effective, and comfortable)

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