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Is Yam Beneficial to Kidney Failure Patients

2014-05-04 02:45

Is Yam Beneficial to Kidney Failure PatientsMany kidney failure patients have some doubts about their diets. One of questions is that “is yam beneficial to kidney failure patients”. Mastering some common senses of yam and kidney failure diet can do a good favor for managing kidney failure.

An overview of renal failure diet

A renal failure diet should have a principle that is low sodium, low potassium, low phosphorus, low fat, low protein and high vitamins. You may be required to limit intake of liquid, calcium, etc. A renal failure diet can help decrease the amount of waste made by your body. It may also help to delay the progress of kidney failure to some extent. Of course, a kidney failure diet may change over time as your illness condition. For instance, if you have kidney failure and diabetes, you must limit intake of sugar. Thereby, watching out for your eating is pivotal to control illness condition.

The healthy benefits of yam for kidney failure patients

Yam has a great amount of nutrient elements, which has great beneficial effects on patients. It can prevent the metabolic abnormalities and arteriosclerosis to increase the immune capability. Yams can also prevent the deposition of blood liquid in blood walls and prevent cardiovascular disease. Additionally, yams contain mucus proteins which are helpful for lowering blood sugar level, so eating a certain amount of yams is effective to treat diabetes.

The disadvantages of yams for kidney failure patients

Yams are a good source of potassium. However, for kidney failure patients, they should better limit intake of potassium to control their illness condition. As your kidney fails to function adequately, extra potassium no longer can discharge from the body. And with the accumulation of potassium, hyperkalemia is easily induced. For this condition, yams have still some disadvantages for patients with renal failure.

All in all, every coin has two sides, there is no exception about yams. So for kidney failure patients, they must be cautious about daily diet. If you have any doubts about renal failure diet, please talk with our online experts directly, and we all do our best to help you.

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