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Diet for Acute Kidney Failure (AKF)

2015-05-03 09:32

Diet for Acute Kidney Failure (AKF)Acute Kidney Failure, as the name implies, occurs suddenly. It means the kidneys suddenly cannot filter waste and toxins in blood. A wrong diet will produce more waste and damage the kidneys. What is a proper diet for Acute Kidney Failure?

Acute Kidney Failure patients have to maintain a restricted diet. It include many aspects. The following passages are a introduction about diet for Acute Kidney Failure patients, but is for general patients. As for your own condition, you’d better email to us at or leave a message below.

-Sodium. Patients should reduce sodium intake to less than 2 g each day. Salty foods like process meat, canned soups and fast foods should be avoided.

-Fluid. Drinking enough water to keep your body is necessary but should take moderate water. Since the kidneys cannot remove excess fluid out adequately, Acute Kidney Failure patients should ask the doctor to calculate the specific amount of fluid intake. This takes the patient’s weight and urine output into consideration.

-Protein. Patients with Acute Kidney Failure have protein leakage, they are recommended to reduce the intake of protein-rich foods such as cheese, nuts, bean products, red meant, etc, however, protein is one of necessary nutritions for the body, so Acute Kidney Failure patients are suggested to take high-quality protein foods like egg white, fish, mild and lean meat. In general, they are suggested to take 0.6-0.8 grams per kg of body weight.

-Potassium. If Acute Kidney Failure patients have high potassium levels, they may have abnormal heart rate and shortness of breath. If so, Acute Kidney Failure patients should avoid artichoke, spinach, mushrooms, bananas, citrus fruits, etc.

-Phosphorous. High phosphorous levels in the blood is the culprit of itchy skin and bone problems. In that case, foods high in phosphorous like dairy products, nuts and seeds are not allowed for Acute Kidney Failure patients.

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