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What Conditions Will Cause Kidney Failure

2015-01-30 06:35

What Conditions Will Cause Kidney FailureKidney Failure is not a independent kidney disease, but a result of various diseases. The two types are Acute Kidney Failure, which is often reversible with adequate treatment, and Chronic Kidney Failure, which is often irreversible. In both cases, there is usually one or several causes.

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Diabetics have abnormal blood sugar level due to insufficiency of insulin, leading to metabolic disorders of sugar and fat. Under this condition, the glomerular endothelial cells are damaged, causing inflammations. The inflammatory reactions will affect renal tubules and renal interstitium. As a result, glomerular sclerosis and renal tubules fibrosis occurs, and kidney function reduces. Without timely treatment, it will develop into Kidney Failure eventually.

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)

It is the most common cause of Kidney Failure. Polycystic Kidney Disease, FSGS (Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis), and IgA Nephropathy, and other chronic kidney diseases can cause Kidney Failure.

High blood pressure

Hypertension can either be the cause or consequence of Kidney Failure. About 15% of hypertensive people will finally have Kidney Failure. Long term of high blood pressure will damage the capillary endothelial cells, starting the kidney fibrosis. In turn, damaged kidneys are short of oxygen and blood volume, and then increases the blood pressure.

Chronic obstruction of urinary tract

Due to the obstruction of urinary tract, the urine retains, leading to hydronephrosis. This condition will damage the kidneys directly. If left untreated, it can also cause Kidney Failure. People cannot ignore this problem.

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Why do Foreign Patients Choose Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital?

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