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The reason why PKD impairs your renal function is that renal cysts keep growing. Therefore, the key of treatment is to shrink kidney cysts and stop their growth. In our hospital, systemic Chinese medicine treatment can help you reach this purpose.

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Is Surgery A Must for 7cm Kidney Cyst

2014-04-06 01:30

Is Surgery A Must for 7cm Kidney CystIs surgery a must for 7cm kidney cyst? 7cm kidney cyst is so big that it must have caused some symptoms and complications including back pain, hematuria or kidney cyst infections. If left alone, it may cause serious damage to kidney functioning tissues. Should these patients take surgery?

Firstly, make sure whether you only have one kidney cyst.

According to the number, location, inherited way and characteristics, kidney cyst is divided into many types. If you only have one kidney cyst filling with clear fluid, it must be simple kidney cyst. However, if you also have many other kidney cysts except this 7cm kidney cyst and there are other members having PKD in your family, it is more likely to indicate Polycystic Kidney Disease or multiple kidney cysts. However, if the kidney cyst has irregular substances within cystic walls, it indicates complex kidney cyst.

Secondly, determine which type your kidney cyst is.

From the above analysis, you can learn the type of your kidney cyst based on the number, filling substances and inherited ways of kidney cysts. (If you can’t find out the answer, you can tell the online doctor more about your kidney cyst and then doctor can help you find the answer.)

Thirdly, learn the treatment plan for you.

If you only have one kidney cyst which is 7cm, surgery is enough to remove it. Aspiration can drain sac fluid directly from the body. Besides, you should also take physical test regularly to monitor the recurrence of kidney cyst.

If your kidney cyst belongs to PKD, multiple kidney cysts or complex kidney cyst, only depending on surgery isn’t enough. This is because removing one kidney cyst will also cause the quick growth of other kidney cysts. In this case, some treatments that can not only remove kidney cysts but also prevent the growth of other kidney cysts and protect kidney function are needed. Leave a message below or, so we can invite best kidney doctor to give you some personalized advices.

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Our Treatment Effect

This is a PKD patient from India. After our treatment, his kidney cyst was reduced to 3.5 cm from 8.5 cm. And his creatinine level was also lowered greatly. .

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How Does TCM Treat PKD

How Does TCM Treat PKD

Two Procedures:
1.Restrain the proliferation and secreting fluid of the lining epithelial cells.
2. Promote the cystic fluids to be absorbed by the blood vessels.