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The reason why PKD impairs your renal function is that renal cysts keep growing. Therefore, the key of treatment is to shrink kidney cysts and stop their growth. In our hospital, systemic Chinese medicine treatment can help you reach this purpose.

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What Aggravates Renal Cyst

2014-04-22 07:40

What Aggravates Renal CystElder age, kidney injury, infections and many other factors can increase the risk of renal cyst. Fortunately, renal cyst isn’t dangerous if kept in small size. However, if it is too big, a series of problems will appear. What conditions can aggravate renal cyst?

Renal cyst refers to one or several fluid-filled sacs growing in one or two kidneys. Generally speaking, our kidneys can work normally with one or two small kidney cysts. However, as time goes on, fluid fills into cyst constantly that makes renal cyst become bigger and bigger. Once it grows out of the kidneys’ capacity, patients are more likely to have back pain, hematuria, urinary tract infections, etc. Most often, several conditions aggravate renal cyst.

1. Unhealthy diet or lifestyle

For people with renal cyst, several foods can induce the growth of cysts that finally may cause several severe problems. For example, alcohol, beer, coffee, chocolate, and some other foods or drinks may have this side effect. Besides, smoking may also aggravate these patients’ illness condition.

2. Bending or stretching movement

Kidneys are located in lower abdominal cavity, so is renal cyst. For people with renal cyst, bending or stretching movement or strenuous exercise is more likely to cause rupture of kidney cyst, thus resulting in further kidney damage and infections.

3. Various infections

Infections can induce the abnormal changes of internal environment, so as to worsen patients’ illness condition or even threaten their life. Upper respiratory infections, skin infections, injury infections, gastrointestinal tract infection, etc, are common infections in our daily life. Pay more attention to these infections.

4. Build up of toxins and waste products

A polluted or abnormal internal environment can induce various diseases and cause damage to different organs and systems. Therefore, it is necessary to eliminate waste products and toxins from the body timely.

Since we have known the aggravation factors for renal cyst patients, you should pay highly attention to them in your daily life if you have kidney cyst. Besides, once your kidney cyst has caused some symptoms, consult the doctor timely to accept effective treatment to remove or shrink it.

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Our Treatment Effect

This is a PKD patient from India. After our treatment, his kidney cyst was reduced to 3.5 cm from 8.5 cm. And his creatinine level was also lowered greatly. .

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How Does TCM Treat PKD

How Does TCM Treat PKD

Two Procedures:
1.Restrain the proliferation and secreting fluid of the lining epithelial cells.
2. Promote the cystic fluids to be absorbed by the blood vessels.