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Treatment for IgA Nephropathy

2014-04-03 07:59

Treatment for IgA NephropathyIgA nephropathy (IgAN) is a common glomerulonephritis. Though there is no cure for this disease, some treatments could help patients preserve kidney function slowing disease progression. This article is about treatment for IgA Nephropathy. According to different conditions of patients, there are different treatments for them.

If patients with normal renal function, normotension, only minor urinary abnormalities, such as isolated microhaematuria with/without low grade proteinuria, there is a general consensus that specific treatment is unnecessary but keep them under periodic reviews. Hematuria is generally a consequence of immunological activity, but may not of progressive disease.

Patients may develop into a more severe disease as their protein excretion is above 1 g/day. Urine protein-to-creatinine ratio could estimate protein excretion more accurate. Therapy with angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitor or angiotensin II receptor blocker (ARB) could help lower the protein excretion. Degree of proteinuria is the standard to decide whether ACEI and ARB are applied. ACEI and ARB can reduce intraglomerular pressure and improve the size-selective properties of the glomerular capillary wall. Angiotensin inhibitors also lower the blood pressure.

LDL cholesterol is a major risk factor for heart disease, so kidney disease patients with elevated LDL cholesterol should think about therapy for lipid-lowering, like statin therapy.

Omega-3 fatty acids have the possible effect of alleviating ongoing renal inflammation and glomerulosclerosis, both being marks of progressive renal disease. We can get omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil. A benefit of omega-3 fatty acids has not been clearly established. However, fish oil can be tried in patients with risk factors for progression.

Corticosteroid medications suppress the immune response to reduce the IgA deposits, but corticosteroid medications have lots of side effects. They are less use in patients with stable or slowly progressive disease.

Tonsillectomy, usually in combination with some immunosuppressive therapy, is associated with improved renal outcomes in patients with IgA nephropathy and relatively mild renal injury.

In most cases, this disease does not affect normal life. You can consult your doctor choosing optical treatment for you.

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