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Management for Refractory IgA Nephropathy

2014-06-05 01:29

Management for Refractory IgA NephropathyIt is widely acknowledged that IgA Nephropathy is a refractory chronic kidney disease. Many patients are bothered by the relapse of the disease. As it has severely threatened people’s health, some useful managements for the refractory IgA nephropathy is highly needed. For that purpose, you should firstly know the causes of IgA nephropathy relapse.

Generally speaking, there are two factors that may be the causes:

1) IgA Nephropathy patients have low immunity. IgA Nephropathy is an autoimmune disease with excessive IgA deposition on the glomeruli. When viruses and bacteria attack our body, antibodies will form to prevent those harmful substances damage the body. IgA, whose whole name is immunoglobulin A, is one of such antibodies. If the immune system is disordered, excessive IgA will build up, and thus IgA nephropathy occur. IgA nephropathy patients usually have low immunity, compared with healthy people. Therefore, they may suffer from relapse. Sometimes, even a cold or mild infection can cause the recurrence.

2) Patients are not treated from the root. They are usually given steroids or immunosuppressants to treat some symptoms, such as proteinuria. However, those medicines cannot solve the root problem, namely, damaged kidney function. As a result, once the patients reduce or stop taking those medicines, symptoms show again.

Management for refractory IgA nephropathy

1) Enhance the immune ability.

- Keep a proper diet: Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables and avoid spicy food, barbecue and smoking and alcohol.

- Take some aerobic exercises, such as walking and jogging.

- Have enough rest

- Live a regular life

- Prevent cold and infections: Try not walk outside often, especially in the spring when epidemic disease is easy to appear.

- Keep in good mood and be optimistic

2) Improve kidney function

Although medicines can remit the symptoms soon, they cannot improve the renal function. Therefore, I recommend you Immunotherapy. It is designed for immune-related diseases. It helps rebuild the damaged immune system and use the new developed immune system to fight against kidney problems. When the underlying immune system can function normally, there is no more IgA deposit on kidney tissues. Therefore, the refractory IgA nephropathy can be treated from the root, and relapse never occurs.

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