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IgA Nephropathy and Pregnancy

2014-05-19 03:24

IgA Nephropathy and PregnancyCan I get pregnant with IgA Nephropathy? Whether the pregnancy will worsen the illness condition or not? May the disease pass on to the baby? These questions are always asked by IgA Nephropathy patients who want to have a baby or who have already been conceived. Now, I would like to share with you some basic information about IgA Nephropathy and pregnancy.

Generally, IgA Nephropathy will not pass on to the baby, but you need to ensure your illness condition has been well controlled before you decided to get pregnant. If you are not sure whether you can conceive now, you can consult our online doctor. You’d better tell them your recent urine and blood test report. Now, I will tell you some general information about the influence of pregnancy on IgA Nephropathy patients, and under what circumstances can they give a birth.

Influence of pregnancy on IgA Nephropathy patients

IgA Nephropathy is a kidney disease of glomerulonephritis. Its clinical manifestations include hematuria, proteinuria, swelling and hypertension. Pregnancy burdens the kidneys, and those complications easily occur. At the same time, pregnant patients may experience tiredness, weakness, dizziness and poor vision. What’s worse, renal failure and uremia may occur.

According to what I stated above, we can see that it is the complication of IgA Nephropathy instead of the disease itself that influences pregnancy. Among those complications, hypertension is the most influential factor. In general, pregnant women, who have a small amount of proteinuria but no high blood pressure, will not experience a severe kidney damage. However, for patients with a high blood pressure, they are at a high risk of intrauterine growth retardation (IUGR), stillbirth, high perinatal mortality.

Three conditions where you may get pregnancy

1. Stopping taking steroids, cyclophosphamide and immunosuppressor for at least one year.

2. Controlled blood pressure

3. Kidney function is stable and keeps in a good level (serum creatinine < 1.1. mg/dL, GFR>70ml/min, urine protein<0.3g/24h)


During pregnancy, you should have enough rest and ensure nutritions supply. Foods with high-quality protein and low-salt are good choices. In addition, try to enhance the body's defenses against infections. Lastly, regular tests for renal function are also required. As long as you take measures under the doctors’ guidances, you can have a good pregnancy outcome.

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