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IgA Nephropathy and Painful Restless Legs

2014-09-12 07:42

IgA Nephropathy and Painful Restless LegsIgA Nephropathy is a form of glomerulonephritis (inflammation of the glomeruli of the kidney). Yet, it does not only attack the kidneys but also involve some other systems and organs. Can IgA Nephropathy cause painful and restless legs? Indeed, there are some people complaining about this discomfort. This article can help you learn about the causes so you doctor can give you proper treatment, and you can also consult our doctor online for free suggestion.

Why does IgA Nephropathy cause painful restless legs?

♦ Anemia

IgA Nephropathy is characterized by a deposition of immune complexes that will cause ischemia and anoxia of the kidneys. Damaged kidneys cannot produce enough EPO (erythropoietin) that is important for the generation of red blood cells. As a result, anemia occurs, leading to restless legs.

♦ Toxic accumulation

Damaged kidneys fail to discharge excessive waste and toxins, those harmful substance can deposit in any part of the body and cause nerve damage. That;s why you feel pain in your legs.

♦ Side effects of medicines

Some types of medications, including antinausea drugs, antipsychotic drugs, some antidepressants, and cold and allergy medications containing sedating antihistamines may worsen symptoms.

How to relieve painful restless legs in IgA Nephropathy

♦ Home remedies: You can take some stretching movements to relax your legs. Then take a warm towel to wrap your legs for 10-15min, and then switch it with a cold one. This is to promote the blood circulation and accelerate the filtration of wastes and toxins.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

This is a innovation from Traditional Chinese Medicines and is used externally. It can relieve some symptoms caused by IgA Nephropathy. The medicines have the function of expanding blood vessels and improve kidney function. As a result, excessive immune complex can be excreted and the normal immune system can be restored. We can say that this therapy is to treat kidney disease from the root. That’s the advantages over western medicines and surgery.

Nowadays, this therapy has been widely used in China and is well known as its significant effects. Wanna to know more about us? Leave a message below, and we will reply you within 24 hours. Our experts online are also available.

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