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Effects of IgA Nephropathy on Pregnancy

2014-10-02 06:19

Effects of IgA Nephropathy on PregnancyThe happiest thing in the world for both man and woman may be to have a baby. Unluckily, some of them worry that they may not give a birth of a healthy baby when they have certain kidney disease. Indeed, kidney disease has long been associated with adverse outcomes for both mother and fetus. Will IgA Nephropathy also affect the pregnancy?

Risk factors of pregnancy in IgA Nephropathy

Most of the women with IgA Nephropathy can conceive successfully. However, you nephrologist’s recommendation or advice will depend on you own condition. Factors that may be considered are degree of existing renal failure (that is, what your kidney function is, and if it is less than about 70%), the amount of proteinuria you have, whether you have high blood pressure or not, and also some of your biopsy findings. You might be asked to wait until your illness condition is stable, if for example, you are dealing with Nephrotic Syndrome, or if you are having frequent “flare-ups” involving blood in the urine.

Three possible conditions for women with IgA Nephropathy

♦ Before the pregnancy, you should have stopped taking medicines for at least three years. Otherwise, you have to terminate the pregnancy as soon as symptoms of kidney disease occur. But this condition is rare.

♦ During the pregnancy, if you have some discomforts that are caused by burdened kidneys, you can be well treated with some medicines. You can regain a normal life after the birth.

♦ If your illness condition is not stable, as mentioned above, you are recommended to conceive. Since IgA Nephropathy is an autoimmune disease, it needs to be treated with steroids. These medicines, however, can cause hormone disorder, thus leading to infertility or fetal malformation.

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