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Special Diet for IgA Nephropathy Children

2014-07-21 06:38

Special Diet for IgA Nephropathy ChildrenIgA Nephropathy is an auto immune disorder which is characterized by deposition of immunoglobulin A on the kidneys. It is one of the common types of glomerulonephritis that can attack children and adults. What is a special diet plan for IgA Nephropathy children? This article will provide you a general guidance.

1. Low Salt

IgA Nephropathy patients should pay close attention to the amount of salt if they have serious edema and high blood pressure. Besides, low salt diet is good for controlling high blood pressure and slowing down decline rate of kidney functions. Children should limit the salt intake less than 1g everyday. Some snacks they take such as nuts, potato chips, noris and dried meat slice are rich in salt, and they should avoid those foods. They are recommended to take fresh fruits and vegetables.

2. Low-Protein Diet

Some children may have proteinuria, and at this time, children are required to limit the protein intake. High quantity will increase the protein leakage. However, protein is one of the main sources of energy which is very important for the growth of children, so protein supplements should also be ensured.Therefore, having a high-quality protein diet is strongly recommended to the children with IgA nephropathy. Foods like fish, egg white, milk and lean meat, etc are good choices. Expert advises that daily protein intake should be limited within 0.6-0.8g.

3. Vitamins

Fresh vegetables and fruits are very good for children, but children must limit the intake of those foods when when they have little urine. Vitamin A,B,C and folic acid are essential for children, and parents should supply their children with those vitamins timely.

4. Calories

Calories are mainly transformed from carbohydrates. Desserts are a good dietary source for that, but you should give them with moderate amount.

Except for diet, children with IgA Nephropathy also need a good rest and a optimistic attitude. As parents, you should talk with your children and help then develop a good life habit and confidence on the disease.

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