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Is Musk Melon OK for IgA Nephropathy

2014-06-20 23:28

Is Musk Melon OK for IgA NephropathyMusk melon is popular among the public because of its delicious taste and various nutritions. However, everything has two sides, and for those who have kidney disease, they may not be recommended to take certain fruits. Is musk melon OK for IgA Nephropathy? Let’s see the benefits and disadvantages of musk melon.


Muskmelon has a high level of nutrition, which contributes to many health benefits. The fruit contains protein, carbohydrate, carotene and minerals like calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium and magnesium and vitamin B1, B2 and C. It is free from cholesterol and is considered to be good for patients with high level of blood cholesterol.

It is also an excellent source of the antioxidant vitamin C. Vitamin C is very effective in preventing cancer and heart disease, and consuming it on a regular basis prevents the arteries from hardening.

Beta-carotene is also present in a musk melon. The potassium present in musk melons help in preventing the risk of strokes and incontrolling blood pressure.

Other health benefits of musk melon include treating the lack of appetite, urinary tract infections, ulcers, acidity and preventing the formation of kidney stones.


Even though musk melon has so many benefits, it is not recommended to take for IgA Nephropathy patients due to its high properties of potassium and phosphorous. As you know, IgA Nephropathy is an immune complex disorder, which is characterized by a deposition of immunoglobulin A in the glomerular mesangial area. As a result, the glomeruli are inflamed, failing to filter wastes and toxins, including potassium and phosphorous. On this point, musk melon is not OK for IgA Nephropathy. What’s more, patients may have hyperkalemia if they take too many musk melons in one time. I am not exaggerating.

If you want to eat this fruit, you should consult your doctor for the proper dosage. Our online experts are also glad to help you.

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