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Is Lemon Water OK with IgA Nephropathy

2014-05-19 02:35

Is Lemon Water OK with IgA NephropathyLemon water is one great beverage that can bring many benefits for IgA Nephropathy patients. However, this doesn’t mean all patients with IgA Nephropathy can drink lemon water. Can you enjoy it if you have this disease. (To know the answer directly, you can consult the doctor online for free.)

Firstly, we need to know why some IgA Nephropathy patients can’t drink lemon water.

Lemon is one high-potassium but low-sodium fruit, so it is commonly considered as a kidney-friendly food. However, lemon is also rich in sugar and phosphorus that determines some IgA Nephropathy patients had better limit the consumption of lemon water.

If IgA Nephropathy patients are taking glucocorticoid, they may be at a risk of high blood sugar. In this case, they need to limit the drinking amount of lemon water, because of its rich sugar. With the progress of IgA Nephropathy, patients’ kidney function declines gradually. Then, patients may develop high potassium or high phosphorus. In this case, patients should also pay attention to drinking lemon water.

If you are suggested to drink lemon water, you can get the following benefits.

Drinking a cup of lemon water regularly can help control high blood pressure, because it contains rich vitamin that can prevent calcium from depositing. Besides, lemon is a great source of vitamin C, so it can help protect kidney function and improve patients’ immunity for fighting against various infections. Finally, lemon water is abundant in citrate that can inhibit calcium salt crystal, so as to prevent kidney stone.

Now, we have known the benefits and side effects of lemon water for IgA Nephropathy. Additionally, many other fruits can also help control IgA Nephropathy. If you want to learn more about them, you can leave a message to

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