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How Much Coffee Can I Drink Everyday with IgA Nephropathy

2015-05-19 06:12

How Much Coffee Can I Drink Everyday with IgA NephropathyHow much coffee can I drink everyday with IgA Nephropathy? The question has been discussed frequently among patients. Some patients think that they should avoid drinking coffee, while others think that they can drink the beverage. Are you confused? It’s OK and follow me, you will see the answer.

To be frank, every thing has two sides and there is no exception for coffee. Indeed, for healthy people, coffee is indeed can help they relieve fatigue and increase energy levels. And it is reported to that drinking one or two cups of coffee per day they could have a significantly reduced risk of cardiovascular system. Proper caffeine can help promote the secretion of digestive system. Since also can help promote the kidney function and has diuretic effect, it can help the extra sodium discharge from the body. But excessive intake of caffeine can lead to caffeine poisoning.

Well then, whether coffee can be expected to cheer up IgA Nephropathy suffers? You may be frustrated about the fact that coffee not only bring no energy to patients, but also aggravates the conditions of suffers. Therefore, for the questions about “How Much Coffee Can I Drink Everyday with IgA Nephropathy”, the answer is that patients should limit intake or even avoid coffee. You can understand from the following the aspects.

1. Kidney Failure

Coffee can generate Adrenalin and Cortisol,both of which help oneself relaxing. However, excess drink of coffee will increase the build-up of the two materials rapidly, speeding up the pace to Kidney Failure.

2. Damage to immunity

Coffee contains a kind of essential oil which enhances toxins accumulation in vascular, thus damaging the immune system. What’s more, IgA nephropathy refers to a kind of immune defect. Needless to say, coffee will double to make patients’ immunity fall down.

3. Affect sleeping quality

Drinking coffee regularly will make you so excited that you cannot sleep well, thus affecting quality of sleep.

In addition, there are many disadvantages if patients drink coffee, like high cholesterol level, anemia, high blood pressure and so on. Any questions, please email to or leave a message below.

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