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Diagnosis of IgA Nephropathy

2014-04-03 06:03

Diagnosis of IgA NephropathyRecurrence of hematuresis is obvious symptom of IgA Nephropathy, but does hematuresis mean IgA Nephropathy? How doctor confirm the diagnosis?

There various reasons can cause hematuresis, so if patients have the symptom of hematuresis, they have to take some tests under doctors’ instructions to find the reason of their disease.

Tests, such as ultrasound and cystoscopy can locate the source of bleeding. Kidney stones and bladder cancer are two common urological causes of hematuria. The two tests could tell patients whether they get the two diseases or not.

If patients don’t suffer kidney stones and bladder cancer, then they need to take urine test. If dysmorphic red blood cells are found in the urine under a microscope that means glomerulonephritis occurring. However, that’s just not enough to confirm the exact disease.

Children and younger adults are high-risk group of the disease, so when hematuria occurs to them who is with history and association with respiratory infection, they are on suspicion of IgA nephropathy.

If patients have hematuria and/or proteinuria, without azotemia and edema, they may get IgAN, but only a biopsy can confirm it. Other blood and urine tests may be asked, but these tests only can tell whether kidney is damaged or the degree of kidney damage. A presumptive diagnosis of IgAN only can be confirmed by examining tissue samples under light and electron microscopy (biopsy), or immunofluorescence.

On the other hand, for some patients with mild illness, a biopsy is unnecessary. Doctors may recommend them keep a periodic review. For more severe patients, biopsy could give doctors a better understanding of the patients’ condition. These will benefit patients in their later treatment.



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