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Home Remedy for Hypertensive Nephropathy

2014-04-03 07:31

Home Remedy for Hypertensive NephropathyHypertensive Nephropathy is a chronic kidney disease, so patients have to stick to treatment, so as to well control their conditions. Except for the treatment and medicines, home remedy is equally important to Hypertensive Nephropathy patients. You will find some tips for home remedy in this article.

Maintain low-salt diet

Patients should maintain a low-salt diet. Too much salt can result in angiosclerosis and high blood pressure. Low-salt diet is conductive to lower blood pressure, so patients could reduce related medicine dosage under doctors’ direction. Consequently the side effects and cost of medicine will decrease.

Eat less sweet foods

Patients should avoid foods with high sugar content. The excess sugar will convert into fat, and too much fat in blood is a promoting factor to arteriosclerosis. Eventually these will induce vascular disease.

Avoid animal fats

As mentioned above, too much fat in blood is a contributing factor to vascular disease. Animal fats are rich in cholesterol, which is also harmful to Hypertensive Nephropathy patients.

Take the medicine on time

Patients should take medicine strictly under doctors’ orders. If patients are not taking their blood pressure medications correctly, this can lead to blood pressure fluctuations. The fluctuation even causes higher risk to stroke and other cerebrovascular diseases and do harm to glomerular vessels.

Do appropriate exercise

Exercise could help patients increase blood circulation, helping kidney discharge metabolic waste. Patients should do mild exercise and avoid strenuous exercise. If patients feel uncomfortable, they need to adjust exercise period and exercise intensity.

Keep an eye on your condition

Patients should take some tests at home, such as test blood pressure. Keep a record of your test data and bring it to your doctor, so your doctor could know better of your condition.

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