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May I Give Breadfruit Leave Tea to Patient with Creatinine 2.5

2015-07-18 03:41

May I Give Breadfruit Leave Tea to Patient with Creatinine 2.5Lots of people have heard about Breadfruit, that is what the movie “Mutiny on the Bounty” was all about. This kind of plant has its health benefits. Well then, may I give breadfruit leave tea to kidney disease patients with creatinine 2.5?

Breadfruit leave for kidneys

Creatinine 2.5 means the kidneys have been moderately damaged. That is to say, kidneys cannot filter the blood adequately. Drinking breadfruit leaf tea daily is helpful lowering high blood pressure, high cholesterol level and reduce inflammations. Therefore, breadfruit leaf tea is good for protecting kidney function.

However, this leaf tea cannot solve the underlying problem. High creatinine is the result of damaged kidney function caused by ischemia and anoxia inside the kidneys. Therefore, to lower creatinine 2.5 is to improve kidney function. In that case, I recommend you to take our holistic herbal treatment. Here is a general introduction. Any questions, please email to us at or leave a message below. Our doctor on duty will reply you within 24 hours.

Herbal treatment for lowering creatinine 2.5

-Maikang composition. It is one bottle of liquid medicine taken by patients each day. The main effect of it is to promote Qi and unlock meridians, thus detoxing the body.

-Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. It is an external application used ob bilateral kidney areas. The effective ingredients can dilate blood vessels, reduce inflammation and degrade extracellular matrixes, thus increase the whole blood circulation. Then, kidneys can get enough blood volume and oxygen to function well. As a result, creatinine can be discharged effectively.

-Stem Cell Therapy. You can take this natural therapy to restore some kidney function. Stem cells are called ‘universal cells” because they can differentiate into many other functioning cells.

Any questions, please be free to contact with us!

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