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Does High Creatine Alone Mean Kidney Problems

2014-10-05 02:58

Does High Creatine Alone Mean Kidney ProblemsThe kidney plays an important role in filtering wastes and toxins, regulating blood pressure, maintaining water and acid-bases balance, etc. You can know how well your kidneys are working by doing urine and blood test. Creatinine is always taken as an indicator. Well then, does high creatinine alone mean kidney problems?

Factors that can lead to high creatinine

Creatinine has two sources: diet and muscle metabolism. When the creatinine level elevates, it may be associated with:

● Reduced kidney blood flow: Severe dehydration, heart failure, artery disease, etc, can lead to a reduced kidney blood flow, resulting in decrease in the filtration and clearance of creatinine and other substances.

● Diet: High intake of dietary or supplemental sources of creatine may increase the rate of creatinine production, elevate plasma creatinine and increase creatinine in the urine.

● Over-tiredness

● Side effects of medicines: Some drugs may cause a side effect of increased levels in the blood including Non-steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs) and some blood pressure medications.

● Urinary tract obstruction: Any obstruction in the urinary tract can lead to decreased urine output. As a result, excessive creatinine cannot be discharged by the kidney adequately. Conditions that may block the urinary system include kidney stones, congenital obstructions, postinjury or postsurgical scarring, poor bladder emptying, or prostatic hypertrophy.

You can see that high creatinine along does not always mean kidney problems. You should do more test, and consult your doctor to find the real cause.

Signs of kidney problems

Some people with kidney disease may also experience some other symptoms except for high creatinine level. For example:

● Swelling or edema

● Fatigue

● Foamy or/and bloody urine

● Frequent and urgent urine, especially at night

● Dizziness and headaches

● Muscle cramps

● A poor appetite, nausea, vomiting or diarrhea

● Itchy skin

These are parts of signs of kidney disease. Some problems are common even in daily life, so you should pay more attention on them.

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