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Can Creatinine Level 3.8 Come Down Without Dialysis

2014-10-04 02:27

Can Creatinine Level 3.8 Come Down Without DialysisIn so many cases, high creatinine has frightened kidney disease patients. At what creatinine level is dialysis needed? Can creatinine 3.8 come down without dialysis?

Does creatinine 3.8 need dialysis?

Whether dialysis is needed depends on many factors, including kidney function, complications, age, physical healthy, etc. In general, patients need to take dialysis at serum creatinine 5-8mg/dl. However, in some cases, they are recommended to take dialysis at a lower creatinine level because of some uncontrolled symptoms.

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Can creatinine 3.8 come down without dialysis?

I can understand why there are so many people have such a question. Dialysis can be a long and sometimes a painful process. Moreover, dialysis cannot work the same as a healthy kidney. It just filter the wastes and toxins in the blood, but not repairing renal tissues.

Indeed, dialysis can reduce creatinine 3.8 quickly and effectively. However, as analyzed above, dialysis is not the best way in the long run.

How to lower creatinine 3.8 effectively and naturally?

Except dialysis, you surely can take some other natural treatments. There are several aspects that you should follow:

● Eat a diet with low-sodium and low-protein.

People with creatinine 3.8 are required to take 3-5g sodium and 0.6-0.8g per kg of body weight protein each day. Consult your dietitian for dietary changes according to your own condition.

● Avoid nephrotoxic medicines.

Some commonly used medicine may be harmful for your kidneys, such as NSAIDs, ACEIs and ARBs. If you are taking or plan to take certain medicine, you’d better consult your doctor.

● Choose Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

Traditional Chinese Medicines are more natural and effective than over-the-counter drugs. Based on these medicines, we have innovated some therapies. After almost 30 years’ clinical practices, we have gained so much experience, and you can trust us.

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