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Mouth Sore, Hypertension and Increased Creatinine

2014-07-30 02:23

Mouth Sore, Hypertension and Increased CreatinineHigh creatinine is a dangerous sign that your kidneys are not working well. Since our kidneys are responsible for maintaining water and electrolyte balance and regulating blood pressure, and so on, you will experience some bad results when they are damaged. Mouth sore? Hypertension? Increase creatinine? There is in link among them. Let me show you in this article.

Mouth sore with increased creatinine

Actually, there is no direct relationship between mouth sore and increased creatinine. Mouth sore is normally caused by low immunity and lack of vitamins. Creatinine is originally discharged by kidneys as a waste. High level of creatinine in the blood will cause damage of the body. As a result, people may have a poor appetite, nausea, vomiting or diarrhea. Due to that, they cannot get enough nutrition supply and their immune ability will decline gradually. On this condition, mouth sore is easy to be caused.

Hypertension with increased creatinine

Generally, hypertension is the cause of increased creatinine. Uncontrolled high blood pressure will lead to a high arterial pressure which will damage the kidneys. Then, the kidney cannot discharge excessive wastes including creatinine and BUN (blood urea nitrogen). That’s why you see hypertension and increased creatinine together.

Treatment for mouth sore, hypertension and increased creatinine

As for mouth sores, you should pay attention your diet and eat more food that contain vitamins and carbohydrates. You can also take some medicines prescribed by your doctor.

Next, keep a low-salt diet in order to prevent aggravation of high blood pressure and high creatinine. In addition, Traditional Chinese Medicine can be taken as the best choice since it is natural and effective. As long as you can control your blood pressure, increase creatinine will disappear gradually. To sum up, prevent from further kidney damage is fairly important.

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