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How Does Enema Affect Creatinine Level

2014-07-19 02:59

How Does Enema Affect Creatinine LevelHigh creatinine level is one of the most important indicators of kidney damage. Since creatinine is discharged by kidneys as a waste, excessive creatinine in the blood will cause many problems. Enema, as one of the effective treatments for elevated creatinine, is equivalent to the western colon dialysis. So how does enema affect high creatinine level?

How does Enema Therapy lower creatinine level?

According to many clinic practices, enema can treat symptoms caused by kidney damage and can lower high level of creatinine and urea nitrogen in the blood. The mechanisms are as follows:

1. Some traditional Chinese medicines are purgatives, can speed up the excretion of wastes in the intestines as well as inhibit the generation of gastrointestinal bacteria. By this way, protein degradation can be reduced and absorption of gut-derived nitrogen can also decline. This can reduce the burden of kidneys.

2. Enema will stimulate the intestinal mucosa so as to increase the permeability of capillaries. As a result, it can not only help the absorption of medicines, but also excessive creatinine can be transported into intestines and then flows out of the body.

3. Certain medicine like rheum officinale can help adjust the metabolism of protein so that it can reduce the production of nitrogen.

However, one more thing you should know is that. Enema Therapy is just a way of discharging wastes through intestines, so this therapy cannot repair the damaged kidneys. Except Enema Therapy, you should also take some traditional Chinese medicines to improve kidney function. Treatments should be based on you creatinine level, and the glomerular filtration rate (GFR), and your kidney function. Therefore, you should ask you doctor to make a comprehensive evaluation of your illness condition and then he or she will give you some suggestions.

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