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Can Low Hemoglobin Cause High Creatinine

2014-07-15 02:33

Can Low Hemoglobin Cause High CreatinineHemoglobin is one kinds of protein that can transport oxygen for the body. It can be found in red blood cell. Therefore, when red blood cells decrease, patients will see low hemoglobin. There is no cause-and-effect relationship between low hemoglobin and high creatinine. Actually, both of them are the results of kidney disease. Many clinic practice show that low hemoglobin is always accompanied by high creatinine level. How does it happen?

Why does low hemoglobin and high creatinine occur?

As mentioned above, hemoglobin is found in red blood cells. Therefore, reduced red cells will lead to low level of hemoglobin. During the generation period of red blood cells, one essential kind of glycoprotein—erythropoietin, is involved in the process. Those erythropoietins becomes active with the effects of Erythropoiesis factors that produced by kidneys.

When the kidneys are damaged, the glomeruli loses the filtration function. As a result, the kidney cannot discharge excessive wastes and toxins, so patients will see their creatinine level elevates.

Similarly, due to the damaged glomeruli, the kidney cannot produce enough erythropoietins. Therefore, red blood cells decrease and then hemoglobin level becomes low. What’s more, accumulation of creatinine, urea nitrogen, and other wastes and toxins will affect the metabolism of iron and folic acid which are the materials of hemoglobin. That’s the other factor why low hemoglobin occurs.

To sum up, both low hemoglobin and high creatinine level are the consequences of decreased kidney function. Therefore, if you want to improve that condition, you need to improve your kidney function.

Diet, exercise, medication and other therapies are all important for improving kidney function. However, the first step to achieve that goal is to find the real cause of kidney disease and then I can give you some specific suggestions.

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