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How to Reduce Creatinine 5.5 Naturally

2014-07-14 09:21

How to Reduce Creatinine 5.5 NaturallyCreatinine is not a strange word for most of the kidney disease patients. A high level of creatinine will makes patients so worried because they will have many difficulties in reducing it. Creatinine 5.5 is much higher than the normal range. How to reduce creatinine 5.5 naturally? Can patients with creatinine 5.5 live without dialysis? Yes. But how?

1. Hot Compress Therapy

This therapy uses micronized traditional Chinese medicines to work on Shenshu (an acupoint on kidney area). According to Chinese medicine theories, there are many meridians and acupoints that are the pathways of Qi (energy flow). When those pathways are blocked due to some factors such as kidney diseases, Qi cannot flow fluently in the body, and then wastes and toxins produced after body metabolism will accumulate. Creatine is a product of muscle metabolism. Excessive creatinine is discharged by kidneys as waste with urine. When kidney breaks down, the blood stream are obstructed, so creatinine cannot be filtered by kidneys.

Hot Compress Therapy is to expand blood vessels in order to improve blood circulations. Meanwhile, the active ingredients in the Chinese medicines will repair the damaged kidneys so that they can permeate more wastes and toxins. By those two ways, Hot Compress Therapy can reduce creatinine 5.5 naturally.

2. Exercise and diet

Both exercise and diet are very important to reduce creatinine 5.5. On one hand, moderate exercise will improve the patients immunity, providing a good environment for the kidneys to function normal. The type, frequency and duration of exercise should be based on the patients physical condition. On the other hand, a healthy diet can help patients to prevent severe symptoms or complications that will cause further damage of the kidneys. Normally, patients with kidney disease should keep a low salt and protein intake. There are many dietary restrictions for them, so they can consult their doctors or dietitians for some suggestions.

To sum up, if you do not want to decrease creatinine 5.5 by dialysis, you can try Hot Compress Therapy, which is more natural and effective. Timely and reasonable treatment is pretty important for patients, and I hope we can help you to defeat the problems you are faced with.

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