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Natural Cures for Decreasing High Creatinine Level

2014-06-04 08:40

Natural Cures for Decreasing High Creatinine LevelMost often, high creatinine level is one indicator of kidney problem. If the patient only has high creatinine level, Food Therapy and healthy lifestyle can help reverse it. However, if he or she both has elevated creatinine level and kidney problem, some natural cures are as important as medical cures for decreasing high creatinine level.

Since creatinine is one waste product of muscular metabolism, we give out the following natural cures to reduce elevated serum creatinine leveacl.

1. Food Therapy

Food Therapy means patients can treat their disease by eating and avoiding some foods. In our daily life, some foods have the properties of diuretic or improving kidney function. For example, cucumbers can help increase the urine output, so as to eliminate more waste products including creatinine, while berries contains rich antioxidants, so they can help boost kidney condition.

2. Herbal tea

Herbal tea comes from the nature, so it has fewer side effects. Some types of herbal tea, such as dandelion root, corn silk, nettle leaf and salvia, can increase glomerular filtration rate. Therefore, more creatinine can be discharged out of the body via urine.

3. Medicated Bath

Put some effective herbs into your bath water, so the effective ingredients of these medicines can permeate into the body via skin. With the help of hot water, these medicines can prompt sweating and open the pores of skin. Finally, more creatinine can be eliminated via skin.

4. Arrange a healthy exercise schedule

High creatinine level may get worse after strenuous exercise. On the contrary, a regular gentle exercise is able to improve patients’ immunity and fight against kidney problem as long as its complications.

The above suggestions are only some of natural cures for reducing high creatinine level. In fact, there are many other options that can help achieve this goal. If you want to know more, you can send your email to Therefore, I can give you more suggestions.

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