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GFR 34 and Creatinine 209: How Serious Is It

2014-06-02 03:47

Question: I have been diagnosed with GFR 34 and creatinine 209umol/L. I am worried about that. What does it mean? How serious is it? Could you give me some suggestions?

GFR 34 and Creatinine 209: How Serious Is ItAnswer: Thank you for the consultation. Firstly, you should know two concepts: GFR and creatinine.

GFR stands for glomerular filtration rate. Our kidney is the cleaner of our body. Everyday, wastes and water are discharged by the kidney in urine. Once the kidney is damaged, the glomerular filtration rate will decline to some extent and varies in different stages of kidney disease.

Creatinine is the by-product of muscle metabolism and is also excreted by kidneys as a kind of waste. The Serum Creatinine (Scr) test is usually taken to check how well your kidneys are working. Its levels also change in five kidney disease stages.

In clinical, there are five stages of chronic kidney disease:

Stage 1: GFR≧90ml/min

Stage 2: 60ml/min≦GFR≦89ml/min, 133umol/L≦Scr≦177umol/L

Stage 3: 30ml/min≦GFR≦59ml/min, 186umol/L≦Scr≦442umol/L

Stage 4: 15ml/min≦GFR≦29ml/min, 443umol/L≦Scr≦707umol/L

Stage 5: GFR≦14ml/min, 708umol/L≦Scr

You can see the condition with GFR 34 and creatinine 209umol/L refers to Stage 3 Kidney Disease, which means that your kidney function is moderately damaged. If you receive timely and reasonable treatment, your illness is possibly reversible. You can contact us by emailing to Good luck!

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