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Creatinine 186umol/L: Do I Need Dialysis

2014-06-01 01:00

Creatinine 186umol/L: Do I Need DialysisKidney disease patients know that creatinine is an indication of the illness condition. Therefore, when their creatinine level is a little high, they ask what treatments they should take. One patient asks me: My creatinine level is 186umol/L. Do I need dialysis? To get the answer, you should know what is the normal range and when patients need dialysis.

How does creatinine indicate kidney problems?

Creatinine, one muscle metabolic waste product, is excreted by kidneys.

It has two sources: diet and muscle metabolism. If you do not take lots of food that contain much protein and salt, the formation amount of creatinine is stable. Under this condition, the level of creatinine in the blood is mainly determined by kidney excretion. Our kidneys have strong compensatory ability, so they can play their function normally with one functioning kidney. Therefore, high creatinine level is more likely to indicate a part of kidney function is damaged.

What is the normal range of creatinine level?

Normally, creatinine level ranges from 44 to 133 umol/L. When creatinine level is above 133 umol/L, it indicates kidney inflammatory stage. When it is 186umol/L, it reveals renal injury stage and it means your kidney function is damaged to some extent. Therefore, you had better contact your doctor or the doctor online to see how serious your illness condition is.

Do I need dialysis with creatinine 186umol/L?

Simply based on creatinine level, it is complex to say when you need a dialysis. Some patients may have to do dialysis with not so high creatinine level due to their severe problems. Generally, you may need to begin dialysis when your creatinine level is about 5.0mg/dL or 442umol/L. Now you can see that creatinine 186imol/L is just higher than the upper limit of normal range, but it is not time to do dialysis.

However, you should talk with your doctor if you have any other severe symptoms, like uncontrolled high blood pressure, heavy swelling, large amounts of protein in urine, or even blood in urine (hematuria) and so on. You must be aware how serious your illness condition is.

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