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Creatinine 2.14: How to treat it

2014-05-23 03:54

Creatinine 2.14: How to treat itCreatinine is generally taken as an indication of kidney problems. If you have creatinine 2.14 and have no idea about how to treat it, you can find some useful information from this article.

What is creatinine?

Creatinine is a by-product of normal muscle contractions, which becomes a chemical waste product filtered from the blood through the kidneys. The normal range of creatinine in adults is 0.5-1.1mg/dL for female and 0.6-1.2mg/dL for male. Age, race, gender, physical condition will affect the reference of serum creatinine. If you want to know more detailed explanation about your creatinine level, you can email to with your individual information.

Why does creatinine 2.14 occur?

There are two sources for creatinine: Diet and muscle metabolism.

Diet source refers that the products of meat or fish metabolism. Therefore, after you take large amounts of beef, fish, and seafoods, you may have a sudden but temporary elevation of creatinine. What’s more, strong exercise, hypertension or infections may also lead to a sudden creatinine increase. However, creatinine 2.14 is much higher than the normal range, and it is most likely to be caused by kidney diseases. Our kidneys have a very strong compensatory ability, and creatinine level will not obviously increase until about 40-50% of kidney function is lost. Therefore, creatinine 2.14 should be treated right now.

How to treat creatinine 2.14?

When you have an elevated creatinine up to 2.14, you may experience such symptoms as fatigue, swelling (or edema), poor appetite, and frequent urination at night. At this time, you can take some medicines following your doctor’s directions, or you can consult our experts online.

However, medicine can only relieve the symptoms instead of solving the underlying cause, that is, the impaired kidneys. In that case, I recommend you a natural treatment —Hot Compress Therapy.

How does Hot Compress Therapy work?

According to traditional Chinese medicine theories, every organ of our body has their corresponding acupoint on the skin, and bilateral Shenshu acupoints are responsible for two kidneys. Hot Compress Therapy is one treatment that uses hot osmotic devices filled with micronized Chinese medicines to compress on Shenshu acupoints.

With the hot water, the effective ingredients of medicines can permeate into kidneys via skin and work directly by expanding the blood vessels. Those useful substances can help improve micro blood circulation, thus providing oxygen and nutritions for kidney repairing. When the kidney self-healing ability is enhanced, the excessive wastes and toxins can be eliminated effectively. As a result, high creatine level can be reduced. What’ s more, the damaged kidneys will recover and the remaining renal function can be protected. As a result, high creatinine level won’t bother you any more.

As for you own illness conditions, you can get some guidance related to diet, exercise, medicines or some natural remedies. The online consultation service is free. Please remember to leave your email address, or phone number so that we can contact you and help you!
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