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What’s Best for Person With High Creatinine

2014-05-17 01:46

What’s Best for Person With High CreatinineWhat is the best food for lowering high creatinine level? What medicine is best for me to control my elevated creatinine? How to avoid increased serum creatinine level with herbs? What’s the best type of exercise I can take? I can see lots of messages left from patients with high creatinine level. Today, I will give you a general guidance.


Cranberries are essential for preventing urinary tract infection (UTI) because they contain phytochemicals that target bacteria that cause it. Cranberry juice produces acidic urine, which keeps bacteria from sticking to the bladder wall. Cranberry juice also improves kidneys function as it contains rich Vitamin C.


Cucumber is known as a natural kidney cleaner.

Firstly, it contains rich cellulose that can help improve the intestinal tract excretion. This can also help eliminate part of creatinine and uric acid from the body.

Secondly, cucumber is of a kind of diuretic property so that excessive creatinine can be discharged by kidneys.

Finally, cucumber is one great food to boost the immunity, as it contains rich vitamin C, which can help prevent inflammatory reaction in kidneys and fight against infections better.


As you know, creatinine is the end product of muscle metabolism, so a strong physical exercise may a cause sudden increase of creatinine level. However, mild and persisted exercise can not only help to strengthen immunity, but also promote blood circulation. Once blood circulation is fluent, kidneys can gain enough oxygen and function well. Therefore, creatinine deposition can disappear gradually. Walking is a simple and effective aerobic exercise, so I recommend you to take it regularly.

►Herbal medicine——Cordyceps sinensis

It contains 18 kinds of amino acids and rich trace elements. The active properties can lower serum creatinine and BUN level as well as increase protein content in plasma.

Cordyceps polysaccharide (CP) contained in it can effectively clear up the immune complex accumulating on glomerular filtration membrane, thus the GFR(glomerular filtration rate) will increase. As a result, high creatinine level can be decreased. Besides, it can promote tubular epithelial cells’ repairing and regeneration so as to increase kidney function.

Now, you must get a general information of the best for persons with high creatine level. However, the above is just my suggestion for most of the people. As for your own condition, you’d better consult our online doctors.

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