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Why Creatinine and Proteinuria Increase After Catching A Cold? Can They Recover?

2018-08-23 03:24

Why Creatinine and Proteinuria Increase After Catching A Cold? Can They Recover?For the average person, a cold may simply mean feeling bad for seven days or so, and then being alive after a week. But for kidney patients, catching a cold is not that simple. It may induce relapse, or aggravation of kidney disease, increased proteinuria or hematuria, or even elevation of serum creatinine. Why do colds sometimes damage the kidneys? Do these elevated indicators recover when you get well?

Why can cold aggravate kidney disease?

Kidney disease aggravation caused by catching a cold may be caused by various factors:

1) To induce kidney disease activity

Many studies now believe that most people's glomerulonephritis is caused by immune mechanism. Infection is an external cause of immune activity in patients with kidney disease. Infection can induce immune complex deposition, complement activation, release of inflammatory mediators and so on to cause kidney damage.

If the disease activity leads to a large number of red blood cells, the red blood cell type in the renal tubule and the released hemoglobin can cause renal tubular obstruction, and acute renal tubular necrosis, indirectly damaging the kidneys.

2) Some of the drugs used after a cold can damage the kidneys.

When you have a cold, you take something that's not very kidney-friendly, such as gentamicin, kanamycin, or sensitized antibiotics. Non-steroid anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID), another commonly used drugs for colds can also damage kidneys. NSAIDs exist extensively in all sorts of cold medicine on the market, so they are used more.

If you catch a cold frequently, you will undoubtedly increase your chances of taking the drug many times. The drug is metabolized by the kidney, and in the process of metabolism, if you use it inappropriately, you will damage the kidneys.

3) Dehydration

As a result of fever, vomiting and diarrhea during a cold, body fluids are lost in large amounts. If the fluid is not replenished in time, blood flow in the kidney will also be reduced accordingly. The kidney is an organ with abundant blood flow, which requires a lot of blood flow. Due to ischemia, the kidneys will be damaged.

Therefore, "drinking more water and having a good rest" is a good way to promote recovery when you have a cold.

4) Low blood pressure

We just talked about the body is in the state of dehydration when having a cold, which can cause blood pressure to drop suddenly. If you are taking some blood pressure medicine and fail to communicate with the doctor in time, the blood pressure may become too low so as to damage the kidney.

Can elevated indicators get restored after cold?

The rise of red blood cells, urine protein and serum creatinine after a cold is generally transient. With the complete recovery of the cold, most of the indicators can return to the original level, but some renal patients will go on the road of recurrence and complete aggravation.

In order to monitor these conditions in time, after a cold, you should check up blood pressure, urine routine, blood creatinine changes, etc. And keep in touch with your nephrologist if there is any problem. Moreover, it's best to consult your doctor before taking the medicine for a cold.

It is far more important to prevent and minimize the number of colds than to treat them. For kidney patients who catch a cold frequently, to follow reasonable diet, and take exercise to enhance physical condition. Do not let kidney get hurt again and again!

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