Alternative therapy for High Creatinine Level

High creatinine level and high BUN troubles many kidney patients, but it seems that there are not effective treatments. After years of research, we develop systemic Chinese medicine treatment. After about half month's treatment, high creatinine level and BUN will be reduced by at least 10%. You can take a look at the therapeutic effect in our website.

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Creatinine Level Is Not High Enough for Dialysis: What to Do

2018-07-29 02:55

Creatinine Level Is Not High Enough for Dialysis: What to DoYour creatinine level has been increasing, but it does not reach the standard of starting dialysis. Then what to do? Just wait for dialysis? In this article, we will help you solve this problem.

When there is + protein in urine, it means there is inflammation in the kidneys and you need treatment as early as possible. The main treatment at this time is to eliminate the inflammatory reaction and prevent the protein from continuing to leak out and damage the kidney function. Therefore, as long as proteinuria turns negative, it will not continue to damage the kidney, and then the kidney function will be preserved.

This is the initial treatment plan for proteinuria.

What to do when creatinine level increases?

If your creatinine has been over 707 umol/L, you should start dialysis as early as possible, in case that it causes uremia and threaten your life. But if your creatinine level is not that high, you should grasp your time for treatment, otherwise your renal function may decrease quickly and deteriorate into uremia.

What is the difference between creatinine elevation and urinary protein?

-Creatinine elevation indicates that kidney function has fallen by more than half, while only proteinuria means that kidney function is intact.

-After creatinine rises, immunity is poorer than before.

-After creatinine rises, you should be more careful in choosing medicine. All the medicine that injures kidneys and elevates creatinine level should be abandoned.

The focus of treatment at this time is also very different from that of the urinary protein alone.

The main purpose of the urine protein period is to eliminate and inhibit the inflammatory reaction so as to reduce proteinuria.

But in renal insufficiency stage, you can not longer reduce creatinine level, but to protect it from going up and stabilize kidney function.

How to treat high creatinine?

1. Pay attention to all aspects of indicators and symptoms

Such as blood pressure, hemoglobin, urine volume. Pay attention to all aspects of your physical symptoms so as to prevent and treat complications timely.

2. Boost immunity

Through the management of drugs, diet and lifestyle, you can improve the immunity, reduce the risk of the deterioration of kidney disease, and ensure the treatment of kidney disease.

3. Improve blood circulation

Some Chinese medicine is used to expand blood vessels and improve blood circulation.

4. Be careful with medication

Try to use drugs that do not metabolize through the kidneys so as to reduce the burden on the kidneys. At the same time, it is also possible to use some traditional Chinese medicine, such as Ai Xi Te and Niaoduqing, to help creatinine excretion.

At this stage, you must be clear about one thing. Creatinine is different from urinary protein. As long as it goes up, it can't go down (except for acute). What you should do is to stabilize it and prevent it from increasing further.

As long as you can stabilize your creatinine, the residual renal function can help you spend you your rest life. Here we recommend Toxin-Removing Treatment to you. It is a characterized treatment of Shijiazhuang Hetaiheng Hospital. This treatment can help you achieve the goal.

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Our Treatment Effect

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You can take a look at this patient's report. His creatinine was 1028 and urea level was 39.7 on 2018-12-11; creatinine level was reduced to 331 and urea was 16.1 on 2019-1-5. After about 25 days' treatment in our hospital, his creatinine level was reduced by 697, and urea was reduced by 23.6. Hope his condition gets better and better.

Our Treatment effect

Proteinuria is a common symptom of kidney disease

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It can make your urine foamy. Although it does not make you feel uncomfortable, it can impair your renal function and make your kidney disease worse. Conventional treatment such as steroids and immunosuppressants can hardly make it negative. In our hospital, systemic Chinese medicine treatment can help you turn it negative. Look at this picture, bubbles in urine become less and less with our treatment going on.