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High creatinine level and high BUN troubles many kidney patients, but it seems that there are not effective treatments. After years of research, we develop systemic Chinese medicine treatment. After about half month's treatment, high creatinine level and BUN will be reduced by at least 10%. You can take a look at the therapeutic effect in our website.

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To Lower High Creatinine Level Is Not the Most Important Factor in Renal Failure

2018-06-26 07:18

To Lower High Creatinine Level Is Not the Most Important Factor in Renal FailureAs to the treatment of chronic kidney disease (CKD), to lower creatinine level is not the fundamental purpose. Once renal insufficiency appears, the main purpose of treatment is to protect renal function, keep residual nephron, adjust body’s immunity, repair damaged kidney tissues, and improve renal microcirculation.

Why is the primary task of treatment not to reduce creatinine?

Creatinine is an index to measure kidney function. Once kidney function is impaired, a large amount of toxins will build up in the body, causing creatinine level to rise. But creatinine value is only a number. It is useless to stare at such a number. It is better to focus more on protecting kidney function and repairing damaged kidney tissue.

When kidney function is slowly restored, creatinine level will decrease.

Then what should be done?

The etiology of chronic renal insufficiency is more complex. Its main manifestation is that glomeruli are damaged severely so that metabolism, electrolyte balance and acid-base balance of body become disorder.

It is important to remove the pathogenic factors that impair renal function in time so as to effectively prevent the deterioration of renal function.

During treatment, to control hypertension and reduce proteinuria are necessary.

ACEI or ARBs are commonly used to lower blood pressure, and steroids and immunosuppressants are often used to reduce proteinuria.

To prevent complications

The complications of CKD mainly include hyperkalemia, anemia, metabolic acidosis, calcium and phosphorus disorder, and cardiovascular disease, etc. Complication prevention can help you slow down the progression of disease. Besides medical treatment, you should pay attention to your diet.

To keep far away factors that can cause relapse

kidney disease belongs to a disease of immune system. With low immunity, it is prone to a variety of infections such as colds, fever, etc. Take catching a cold for an example, when bacteria and viruses invade into body, immune system will produce antibody to fight against those antigens. In this course, immune complexes will be produced. With blood circulation, those immune complexes go into kidneys, triggering the relapse easily.

Repeated relapse can make the kidney condition worse, speeding up the progression to kidney failure or even uremia.

Now you know to lower creatinine level is not that important. What is the most important is that you should repair kidney damage and promote renal function. For more information on CKD treatment, please leave a message below or contact online doctor.

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Our Treatment Effect

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You can take a look at this patient's report. His creatinine was 1028 and urea level was 39.7 on 2018-12-11; creatinine level was reduced to 331 and urea was 16.1 on 2019-1-5. After about 25 days' treatment in our hospital, his creatinine level was reduced by 697, and urea was reduced by 23.6. Hope his condition gets better and better.

Our Treatment effect

Proteinuria is a common symptom of kidney disease

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It can make your urine foamy. Although it does not make you feel uncomfortable, it can impair your renal function and make your kidney disease worse. Conventional treatment such as steroids and immunosuppressants can hardly make it negative. In our hospital, systemic Chinese medicine treatment can help you turn it negative. Look at this picture, bubbles in urine become less and less with our treatment going on.