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High creatinine level and high BUN troubles many kidney patients, but it seems that there are not effective treatments. After years of research, we develop systemic Chinese medicine treatment. After about half month's treatment, high creatinine level and BUN will be reduced by at least 10%. You can take a look at the therapeutic effect in our website.

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As Long as These Two Indexes Are Normal, Even if Creatinine Is Over 10000, It Is Not Uremia

2018-04-18 06:59

Many kidney patients think that once creatinine level is over 707 umol/L, it is uremia, and then you have to start dialysis forever. What is worse, once creatinine is over 500, dialysis is requested in some areas.

As Long as These Two Indexes Are Normal, Even if Creatinine Is Over 10000, It Is Not Uremia

Then does it mean that you have to start dialysis once your creatinine elevates? Actually the reality is not so gloomy. If these two indexes are normal, even if your creatinine level is very high, such as over 1,000, it does not mean you go into uremia.

1. Kidney size

When reading ultrasound report, many of you focus more on the size of the spot and the anechoic area rather than the kidney size.

As Long as These Two Indexes Are Normal, Even if Creatinine Is Over 10000, It Is Not Uremia

Kidney ultrasound can help you know whether the kidneys have been atrophic or not. Once kidney disease goes into uremia stage, over 80% of nephrons have shrunken and be dead, thereby kidneys will become smaller severely.

Therefore, even if creatinine level is extremely high, your kidney size is still normal, then it is likely for you to have temporary symptoms caused by high blood pressure, drug injury or infections. When all these causes are resolved, creatinine level will go down naturally.

2. Urine output

What nephrologists say the most to the patients is that urine is hope. An important characteristic of uremia Is whether you have no urine or reduced urine.

Under normal circumstance, you will urinate 2000-3000 ml per pay. Clinically when 24h urine is less than 400 ml, it belongs to less urine. If it is less than 100 ml, it is considered as no urine.

As Long as These Two Indexes Are Normal, Even if Creatinine Is Over 10000, It Is Not Uremia

I have encountered a patient. His urine was over 2000ml, but his creatinine was over 707, so he thought he got uremia. Such kinds of patients are so anxious.

If your urine output is normal, it means your renal drainage function is not damaged, from which we can judge that his renal tubular reabsorption function and glomerular filtration function are not impaired severely.

Then if urine volume and kidney size are both normal, but creatinine level is over 1000, what to do?

Do not worry too much. You are still far away from uremia. But your doctors should find out the root cause of elevated creatinine level timely, such as sudden infections, elevated blood pressure, improper diet, over exercises, drug injury, etc.

Normal urine volume and kidney size means that the residual kidney function can still meet the needs of body. Your treatment should not focus on reducing creatinine, but eliminating the causes of elevated creatinine level and protect kidney function to the maximum.

Though dialysis can help you reduce creatinine level, the residual renal function may be impaired with treatment going on. That is why kidneys shrink after a period of dialysis, and urine disappears completely. If so, uremia is not far away. For more information on kidney disease, please leave a message below or contact online doctor.

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Our Treatment Effect

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You can take a look at this patient's report. His creatinine was 1028 and urea level was 39.7 on 2018-12-11; creatinine level was reduced to 331 and urea was 16.1 on 2019-1-5. After about 25 days' treatment in our hospital, his creatinine level was reduced by 697, and urea was reduced by 23.6. Hope his condition gets better and better.

Our Treatment effect

Proteinuria is a common symptom of kidney disease

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It can make your urine foamy. Although it does not make you feel uncomfortable, it can impair your renal function and make your kidney disease worse. Conventional treatment such as steroids and immunosuppressants can hardly make it negative. In our hospital, systemic Chinese medicine treatment can help you turn it negative. Look at this picture, bubbles in urine become less and less with our treatment going on.