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Can High Creatinine Level 2.38 Be Lowered Naturally

2014-05-12 02:38


Can High Creatinine Level 2.38 Be Lowered NaturallyCreatinine 2.38 is higher than the normal range, and you must have searched many methods to lower elevated creatinine level on the Internet before seeing this article, but have you found a natural treatment for reducing high creatinine level? Here we will show how to lower creatinine level 2.38 naturally.

High creatinine level is a reliable indicator to reflect kidney function. Creatinine 2.38 means that your kidney function is insufficient and extra creatinine accumulates in your body and impaired kidneys can’t discharge these wastes from your body. Kidney impairment is the root cause of increased creatinine level, and it can be induced by other factors, such as high blood pressure, dehydration, diabetes and so on. Based on its influencing factors, I will introduce some natural ways to lower creatinine 2.38 effectively.

Specific diet

High creatinine level diet focuses on controlling protein, potassium, phosphorus, sodium and liquids. You may need to consume some food with a high-quality protein. For example, 0.8~1.0g protein a day is recommended to you, but due to different illness condition, your doctor or dietitian will tell you how much and what types of protein you can consume. A specific diet is helpful for lowering high creatinine level.


Some Chinese medicines are natural and safe ways to lower high creatinine level. Herbs like Siberian Ginseng, dandelion root, cinnamon all can enhance the filtration process and strengthen weak kidneys. One effect of these herbs is to increase urine output and thus decreasing high creatinine level.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

Compared with signal herbs, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is a perfect combination of these signal herbs and west technology. It can use different herbs according to your different illness conditions. This therapy is different from traditional Chinese medicines, because it is used externally. And the active ingredients of Chinese medicines can permeate into kidney lesion with the help of advanced technology and device. More importantly, it can enhance kidney function from the root and as long as kidney function increases, high creatinine will come down naturally.

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