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Why it happens:creatinine level increases from 2 to 5

2014-05-09 07:31

Why it happens:creatinine level increases from 2 to 5My father’s creatinine level increased to 5. He is 67 years old. He has diabetes for more than 10 years. His creatinine level always be between 1-2 last week, but suddenly increases to 5. Are there any other explanations?

You may also have experienced such a condition where a sudden increase of creatinine level occurs. Today, I will tell you some reasons for that occurrence.

Usually, there are some triggers should be responsible for this, such as intake of toxic-kidney medicines, acute infection, cold, Acute Kidney Failure etc. And it may also be a sign to tell a quick kidney function decline.

1. Diet

Firstly, foods with much salt can make increase of creatinine level. Fox example, pickles, bacons, sausages pizzas and so on are all of high quality of salt, which will cause water-sodium retention in the kidneys. Then kidney cannot discharge wastes and toxins fluently. Therefore, sudden increase of creatinine level occurs.

What’s more, foods that contain high potassium and protein will also burden the kidneys so that excessive creatinine will accumulate and the level of creatinine can be raised.

2. Infections

When people, who have renal insufficiency previously, get infections, such as cold, pneumonia, intestinal infection, and urinary tract infection, they are easy to have an elevated creatinine level in a short time.

3. Medicines

In some situations, the creatinine level can increase without reflecting a change in the actual GFR. The antibiotics and blood pressure medicines are 2 commonly nephrotoxic drugs. Due to damaged kidneys, extra creatinine deposits, resulting in sudden elevated level. Normally, it's totally reversible when you reduce or stop taking these medicines, but you should follow your doctors’ advice, or you can also consult our online experts.

4. Dehydration

Drinking less water, a fever or sweating, especially during frequent urine, can cause severer narrowed blood volume in kidneys. Therefore, sudden increase creatinine level comes up.

There are some other factors for a sudden growth of creatinine level. Leave a message below, we will give you specific answers for free.

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