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Best Diuretic Fruit or Vegetable for People with Elevated Creatinine

2014-05-09 06:22

Best Diuretic Fruit or Vegetable for People with Elevated CreatinineFruits and vegetables are relatively more suitable for patients with high creatinine level, however, not all fruits and vegetables are good for these patients. They can choose some fruits and vegetables which have the diuretic effects to lower elevated creatinine. Today we are here to give out the best diuretic fruit and vegetable list to minimize high creatinine level.

These fruits can be considered as the best natural diuretic.

Watermelon-- it contains a large amount of citrulline and arginine which can increase formation of urea in the liver, and cause diuretic effect.

Lemon--it is beneficial for the human body because of its ingredient of vitamin C, citric acid and potassium. Even more, lemon water has diuretic function, and drinking lemon water can help to change urethra pH value and prevent growth of harmful bacteria.

Pear-- it is rich in fluid and pectin, which are good for digestion. Eating pear can increase urine output and discharge the toxins from the body through urine.

These vegetables also have the property of diuretic.

Wax gourd-- it has the effect of clearing heat and diuresis, because it is rich in potassium which can regulate sodium in the body. And more, Wax gourd diuresis mainly lies on its skin.

Cucumber-- dehumidification, diuresis, reducing lipid, analgesia and promoting digestion are all benefits of cucumber.

Tomato-- it has functions of hemostasis, decompresses and diuresis and eating tomato can also eliminate swelling.

Except the mentioned above, other fruits and vegetables are beneficial for lowering high creatinine level, such as orange, kiwi, celery, blueberries, cucumber, bitter gourd, etc. Those food can increase urine output and help kidneys to eliminate more creatinine and other waste products.

I hope our description about “best diuretic fruits and vegetables for people with elevated creatinine level” can help you in your daily life, and if you have any doubts about high creatinine level diet, please talk with our doctors online directly.

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