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Can Coke Increase Creatinine Level

2014-05-03 02:49

Can Coke Increase Creatinine LevelDo you love drinking coke? If you have a high creatinine level, you must pay attention to the intake fo coke. Excessive amounts of coke are dangerous for your kidneys. However, it does not mean that you cannot drink coke at all. One cup occasionally is OK. On the contrary, if you take coke regularly with large amounts, you health will be threatened.

As we all know, energy drinks like Coke, Red Bulls, Rock Star and Coffee contain much caffeine, but there is no authoritative researches show any relation between caffeine and high creatinine level. That is to say, caffeine is not the reason why your doctor or dietitian suggests you avoid drinking coke. However, contents of coke indeed have a bad effect on the kidney. Actually, coke affects creatinine level by hurting the kidneys.

Firstly, coke contains much sugar, which will burden your kidneys. With more kidney function losing, excessive creatinine will deposit, thus increasing creatinine level.

Secondly, coke contains lots of phosphorus, which will be decomposed with much calcium. Poor absorption of calcium may result in osteoporosis. Besides, drinking this beverage will increase the risk of Kidney Stone, Renal Failure and other kidney diseases. Most of those kidney diseases will make the creatinine level high.

To sum up, coke has no absolute relation to high creatinine level, but unlimited intake of it is surely harmful for your kidneys. If your kidney function loses a lot, high creatinine level may occur. For that reason, you should drink coke under the guidance of your doctor, or leave a message below. Our online experts will give you a quick answer.

Last but not the least, I think you should be aware of the importance of reducing elevated creatinine level by clinical methods instead of diet. After all, a restricted diet can only prevent the condition from becoming worse. Reasonable and timely clinical treatment is the key. Any questions, please leave a message below. We are always ready to help you.

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