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High creatinine level and high BUN troubles many kidney patients, but it seems that there are not effective treatments. After years of research, we develop systemic Chinese medicine treatment. After about half month's treatment, high creatinine level and BUN will be reduced by at least 10%. You can take a look at the therapeutic effect in our website.

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What Is the Critical Level of Creatinine

2014-05-02 03:13

What Is the Critical Level of CreatinineA critical creatinine level is defined as a tested value that may be threatening. The healthy kidney has a very strong compensatory ability. Slight damages can be repaired by kidneys without elevating the creatinine level. However, once kidney function declines, failing to discharge the excessive toxins, the creatinine level will increase. Well then, what is the critical level of creatinine?

To know the answer to the key, you’d better learn the following information.

Normal creatinine level in persons with different age groups


Female: 0.5-1.1 mg/dL or 44-97μmol

Male: 0.6-1.2 mg/dL or 53-106 μmol

Elderly: decrease in muscle mass may cause decreased values

Adolescent: 0.5-1.0 mg/dL

Child: 0.3-0.7mg/dL

Infant: 0.2-0.4 mg/dL

Newborn:0.3-1.2 mg/dL

Possible critical values>4 mg/dL(indicates serious impairment in renal function)

As clinical studies show that serum creatinine does not increase until a half of kidney function is affected, and increase of serum creatinine means kidneys have been injured severely. In other words, even a slight elevation of creatinine may suggest a serious kidney damage Therefore, it is very important to know the interfering factors and precautions of elevated creatinine level.

Interfering factors of increased creatinine level

- Drugs that may increase creatinine values include ACEI, aminoglycosides, cimetidine, heavy-metal chemotherapeutic agents and other nephrotoxic drugs, such as cephalosporins.

- A diet high in meat

- Exercise may cause increases creatinine values

- Fluid loss, like sweating, drinking less water and frequent urine

- Tiredness due to over work and lack of rest

Methods that are helpful for keeping a normal creatinine level

Except for daily diet and care, you can try some Chinese medicine therapies since western medicine has brought you side effects. Micro-Chinese Medicine Therapy, Acupuncture, Medicated Bath, and Hot Compress Therapy are all helpful. Those therapies aim at impairing the damaged kidneys. Once the kidney functions well, creatinine level will decline fundamentally.

Now you have known the critical level of creatinine. Treatment becomes the first concern.Then, please do not hesitate to contact our online doctors about the specific therapy. You can also leave a message below, and it will be better if you enclose your test report. We will reply you as soon as possible.

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Our Treatment Effect

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You can take a look at this patient's report. His creatinine was 1028 and urea level was 39.7 on 2018-12-11; creatinine level was reduced to 331 and urea was 16.1 on 2019-1-5. After about 25 days' treatment in our hospital, his creatinine level was reduced by 697, and urea was reduced by 23.6. Hope his condition gets better and better.

Our Treatment effect

Proteinuria is a common symptom of kidney disease

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It can make your urine foamy. Although it does not make you feel uncomfortable, it can impair your renal function and make your kidney disease worse. Conventional treatment such as steroids and immunosuppressants can hardly make it negative. In our hospital, systemic Chinese medicine treatment can help you turn it negative. Look at this picture, bubbles in urine become less and less with our treatment going on.