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Can Alcohol Cause Increase in Creatinine Level

2014-04-28 06:49

Can Alcohol Cause Increase in Creatinine LevelWill alcohol cause high creatinine level? All high creatinine level patients should pay attention to anything they eat or drink in their daily life. A question from our patients is whether alcohol can increase creatinine level.

The causes of high creatinine level

Before telling you whether alcohol causes increase in creatinine level or not, I would like to share some information about creatinine firstly. Creatinine is a waste metabolite produced by muscles after they have finished contracting. For general population, their creatinine level won’t be higher than 1.3mg/dl. Elevated creatinine level usually indicates a decline in kidney function. Impaired kidney fails to discharge the extra creatinine out from the body, and creatinine will build up in the body. In this case, high creatinine level will occur. Also, in adults, elevated creatinine level may be induced by high blood pressure and diabetes. Besides, strenuous exercise, infection and dehydration can all result in elevated creatinine level. However, if your kidney damage leads to high creatinine level, you can find whether you can drink alcohol or not from the following.

Can patients with kidney disease drink alcohol?

The answer is “no”. Kidney disease patients should avoid drinking alcohol. There are some reasons as following.

1. Alcohol can disturb nitrogen balance in the body, increase protein metabolism, make blood urea nitrogen level to rise and increase burdens to the kidneys.

2. Long term drinking of alcohol can cause bleeding, anemia, and platelet dysfunction.

3. Too much alcohol can also cause and worsen high blood pressure, dehydration, hyperlipidemia and atherosclerosis.

4. Even more, too much alcohol intake can cause damages to various organs and systems.

Above all, drinking too much alcohol has a bad effect on patients with kidney disease. If you are a patient with kidney disease and high creatinine level, you’d better keep away from alcoholic drinks.

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