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What Causes High Creatinine Level in Blood

2014-04-19 02:22

What Causes High Creatinine Level in BloodAre you looking for the causes of high creatinine level in blood? Now, have you got the answer? If not, the following are some explanations that must be helpful for you.

Creatinine is a metabolic waste produced by muscles. It flows into the blood and excreted into the urine by kidneys. Creatinine level is a reliable indicator to show kidney function. What’s more, the changes of creatinine level mainly depend on GFR (Glomerular Filtration Rate). If GFR is lower, creatinine will raise.

The causes of high creatinine level in blood

High creatinine level in blood generally indicates a decline of kidney function. High creatinine caused by kidney damage will be dangerous. There is a filtration membrane in glomeruli. It can filter the wastes and toxins out from our blood, and it can also keep the nutrients that are needed by our body. Once the filtering units inside the kidney become damaged, the glomerular filtration rate will be reduced, thus leading to high creatinine level in blood.

Other causes of high creatinine in blood:

1. Diet. Serum creatinine can also transiently increase after ingestion of a large of dietary meat, so nutrition can sometimes play a role in creatinine management.

2. Dehydration. If patients have dehydration due to fever, sweating or vomiting, it is possible to have high creatinine level.

3. Overwork or tiredness. If patients do not care rest time, they may also have high creatinine level.

4. Drugs. Certain drugs can sometimes cause high creatinine level.

The above is the causes of high creatinine level in blood. If you have a high creatinine level in blood, you’d better accept professional routine tests and timely treatment. Would you like to know more information? Please, consult us online and we are glad to help you.

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