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Creatinine 12.21: Is It Good to Make Fistula Now

2015-03-24 10:55

Creatinine 12.21: Is It Good to Make Fistula NowCreatinine 12.21 is so high and indicates Kidney Failure, which requires immediate dialysis. Patients should set up a vascular access well before starting hemodialysis, as AV (arteriovenous) fistula and AV grafts both need time to mature before they are ready for use.

Will dialysis reduce creatinine 12.21?

Indeed, dialysis is a helpful way to lower creatinine, since it is called “artificial kidney”. It removes the waste product and extra fluid in the body, but it cannot work as well as healthy kidneys. Most patients have to take dialysis the rest life until they can receive a kidney transplant.

In fact, dialysis is not the perfect way to lower creatinine 12.21. As you know, the root cause of high creatinine is the damaged renal function. Yet, dialysis cannot improve kidney function, and creatinine will rise again after stopping taking dialysis. Therefore, to lower high creatinine, patients need more natural and effective methods.

I would like to introduce you several ways to lower creatinine 12.21 in the following passages. Any questions, please email to us at or consult our doctors online directly. This consultation service is for free.

Alternative treatment options for lowering creatinine 12.21

-Stem Cell Therapy. Stem cells are undifferentiated biological cells that can differentiate into specialized cells and can divide to produce more stem cells. In our hospital, Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital, we provide mesenchymal stem cells and umbilical cord blood stem cells, you can talk with our doctors to decide which type you take.

-Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

As one of the main external applications used in our hospital, it is very beneficial for improving blood circulation and protecting kidney function. The ingredients of Chinese medicine can dilate blood vessels, reduce inflammation and degrade extra cellular matrixes. Therefore, blood volume can flow smoothly and kidneys can get enough oxygen to function well.

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