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How Can We Decrease Body Temperature With High BUN Level

2014-07-03 06:10

How Can We Decrease Body Temperature With High BUN LevelBlood Urea Nitrogen (BUN) is an indicator of kidney function. There are many factors that may cause elevated BUN level, such as diet, dehydration, infection or medicines. Someone may also have high body temperature with high BUN level. Why?

Why the body temperature keeps high with high BUN level?

Normally, high body temperature can either be the cause or consequence of high BUN level.

On one hand, high body temperature may cause elevated BUN level. Normally, people with high body temperature have a fever. After patients catch a fever, lots of antigens intrude into the body, and then combine with antibody to form immune complexes. These immune complexes will deposit on kidneys, and then cause kidney damage. So the acute damage to kidney increases serum blood urea nitrogen level.

On the other hand, excessive urea nitrogen accumulates in the body, damaging the kidneys, which makes severer immune disorder. When patients’ immunity becomes low, bacteria and viruses will easily invading the body and cause infections. Then people are easy to have a fever, keeping high temperature of the whole body.

How to decrease body temperature with high BUN level?

1. Limit protein intake

Blood urea nitrogen is the final product of protein metabolism. Therefore, you should limit your protein intake in your daily life. The specific amount is based on your BUN level and how well your kidney is functioning. In general, 0.6-0.8g of protein intake is OK.

2. Drinking moderate water

Drinking moderate water is to prevent dehydration, which is likely to cause high BUN level.

3. Avoid infections

This purpose is achieved by improving immunity. You can do some exercise do enhance your physical health. Besides, you should also keep enough nutrition intake in your diet.

4. Improve kidney function

High BUN level is a symptoms of kidney disease, and the real cause of various problems are the damaged kidneys. Therefore, the key point of treatment is to improve the kidney function, namely restore the kidney’s function of discharging wastes and toxins, reducing high BUN level gradually and naturally. Once excessive toxins and wastes can be removed, your immunity will be enhanced, and infections can be prevented. As a result, your body temperature will decline.

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