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How Does Foot Bath Lower Urea Nitrogen

2014-06-27 03:53

How Does Foot Bath Lower Urea NitrogenUrea nitrogen is the production of protein metabolism. High level of urea nitrogen in the blood is abnormal and indicates kidney damage. If the elevated BUN (blood urea nitrogen) is not due to dehydration or high protein diet, patients need to have a urine and blood test to check their kidney function.

Once the patient confirms the cause of high level BUN is kidney damage, treatment is needed immediately. Firstly, they should keep a low-diet, foods like dairy products, meats, seafoods, beans and bean products are not good, because they contain a high quantity of protein. Then, drinking more water to increase urine output so that excessive urea nitrogen can be discharged by kidneys.

The above ways can just lower urea nitrogen level temporarily or prevent its value becomes higher. As you know, the root cause is reduced GFR (Glomerular Filtration Rate) due to damaged renal tissues. Then, what are the effects of Foot Bath?

Foot Bath uses some traditional Chinese medicines. The active ingredients work from the following aspects:

1.Expanding blood vessels

As wastes and toxins may adhere to the walls of blood vessels, blocking the blood circulation. And those substances will be carried into other organs and cause inflammation, which will reduce the GFR. As a result, excessive urea nitrogen accumulates inside the body. Expanding the blood vessels can improve the circulation so that more urea nitrogen can flow out. What’s more, with blood vessel expansion, oxygen and nutrition can be supplied to the building of kidney tissues. Therefore, kidney function will improve.

2.Degrading extracellular maxtrixes

Damage of intrinsic renal cysts will cause cell proliferation, which will accumulate in the kidneys and cause more damage to the renal tissues. Then kidney fibrosis starts and more kidney function lose. Effective ingredients in the bath will permeate into the body through skin. According to traditional Chinese medical theory, there are many acupoints in the feet that corresponds to certain organs. A point, called Yong Quan, is responsible for the kidneys. The effective ingredients will work on the kidneys through that acupoint and blood circulation as well. In this way, intrinsic renal cells can be repaired and GFR will increase gradually. Then, high urea nitrogen level will be reduced.

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