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Basic Information About High BUN Level

2014-05-14 03:29

Basic Information About High BUN LevelHave you done a blood test recently and you doctor told you that you have an elevated BUN level? You may be wondering what does high BUN level mean and what you should be concerned about it.

Definition:High BUN level

BUN, which refers to Blood Urea Nitrogen, is a final product of protein metabolism. Clinically, it has always been taken as one of the indicators of kidney function. The normal range of BUN level is 6-20 mg/dL in adults, and 5-18 mg/dL in children. If the blood test result shows a index beyond this range, it means high BUN level.

Causes of elevated BUN level

1. Kidney problem

The liver produces urea as a waste product when protein is metabolized. Normally, most of the urea is removed from the bloodstream by the kidneys. When the kidneys function abnormally, urea will build up in the blood causing an elevated BUN level.

2. Excessive protein intake

Since blood urea nitrogen is the waste product of protein metabolism, high protein diet will lead to an slight elevated level in a short time.

3. Dehydration

A patient who is severely dehydrated may also have a high BUN due to the lack of fluid volume to excrete waste products.

4. Hemorrhage into the gastrointestinal tract

Extensive bleeding into the gastrointestinal tract will also cause an elevated BUN because digested blood is a source of urea. For example, a hemorrhage of one liter of blood into the gastrointestinal tract may increase the BUN up to 40mg/ml.

►Diet treatment

Apart from a medicine treatment, you can as for you doctor’s advice, I would like to recommend you a diet treatment.

1. Limit high protein food: Generally, a glass of milk, one egg white and 0.6g of lean meat are enough to meet these patients’ protein need.

2. Reasonable water intake: Mild dehydration can be resolved by increasing your water intake, because by this way can kidney discharge excessive BUN with increased urination.

3. More fruits or vegetables with rich antioxidants and vitamin C. For instance, cranberry, pomegranate and kiwi fruit, cucumber and cabbage, are all good choices for lowering high BUN level.

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