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Herbal Medicine for Improving Remaining Renal Function 30%

2014-05-03 07:57

Herbal Medicine for Improving Remaining Renal Function 30%Renal function 30% means that you are in Stage 3 Kidney Failure. In this condition, your kidney has moderated damage, and fails to function properly. If no intervention treatment is adopted, it will develop into more serious stage. Can herbal medicine improve remaining renal function 30%? What are the herbal medicines?

1. Astragalus

It not only can reduce proteinuria and improve kidney function, but also can increase synthesis of plasma proteins and reduce its decomposition. Astragalus is beneficial to enhance plasma protein level for patients with kidney failure. Besides, it has the immunomodulatory and antioxygenation functions, thus reducing renal damage.

2.Salvia and ligustrazine

Both salvia and ligustrazine can improve microcirculation and increase renal blood flow. Additionally, it can delay the progress of glomerular sclerosis, and can improve kidney function.

3.Cordyceps sinensis

Cordyceps mycelium powder can stimulate the proliferation, speed up the renal cells repair and reduce proteinuria.

As mentioned above, these herbal medicines are effective to promote kidney function. However, these herbal medicines are usually taken by oral and very bitter, so a lot of patients refuse to use them . Nowadays, there is an alternative treatment for improving remaining renal function 30%.

Hot Compress Therapy is widely used for managing kidney disease in China. This therapy differs greatly with traditional Chinese medicine. It is a kind of external application of Chinese medicine. It makes full use of effective ingredients of Chinese medicine to remove the pathogenic factors from the body and activate the self-regeneration of impaired kidney tissues and cells. Hence, remaining renal function 30% will be improved remarkably and fundamentally. What’s more, as the cause of kidney damage varies from individual to individual, you should follow the prescribed medicines. Hot Compress Therapy can use different herbal medicines according to your illness condition.

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